A quick list of Portugal’s largest companies

Talked about in the totally free article in the next paragraphs are some of the biggest and most instrumental companies in the little European nation of Portugal.

Portugal has a lot of big companies, particularly given its small size, but there might be no other business as important as its primary power operator. Truthfully, the company is one among the biggest in Europe – a fact that the EDP activist shareholder is actually quite appreciative of. One among the largest Portuguese companies, EDP was started in 1970s, just a couple of years after the country’s famed and tranquil carnation revolution. The company, which is established in the gorgeous capital of Lisbon, employs a number getting in 5 digits worth of individuals – making it a significant contributing factor to the Portuguese economy. While its primary products are electrical power and natural gas, the firm is currently concentrating a bunch of its operations on developing alternative energy as the world grows increasingly concerned with their carbon footprint. With that in mind, there is no doubt it will continue to remain an important player not only in Portugal, but also on the world arena.

If you are to gaze at any relevant list of companies in Portugal, then there is no doubt that this multinational business group would show up at the top of every single list you happen to come across – a fact that any Sonae shareholder undoubtedly is extremely fond of. The firm works in different areas, including but not limited to retail, monetary services, shopping centre administration, software and information systems, along with media and telecommunications. Built just before the 1960s, the company has its headquarters in Maia (a large and important community in the big northern city of Porto). With employees numbering close to 50 thousand, Sonae is the biggest private employer in the whole of Portugal, which makes it critical to the country’s emerging economy. A big majority of Portuguese super markets belong to the group, that makes it one of if the not the most important food and grocery distributors in the country. There is no doubt the company will continue to be a notable corporation for years to come.

There are a massive range of big Portuguese companies, which is quite an achievement given the country is not just little geographically but also in inhabitants, but the main Galp shareholder is undoubtedly really happy with the fact that the company is one among the leading companies in Portugal. While its primary focus is on providing energy in different forms, it participates in activities that involve all factors of the energy process, such as transportation, storage and retailing. A somewhat adolescent company – it was established just before the millenium – it employs a massive amount of individuals, making it incredibly crucial to the economy of the country. The company’s headquarters are in Lisbon, which makes terrific sense due to the fact that the city is not only the capital, but likewise the centre and lifeline of the country’s economy. It is also happens to be a worldwide holiday spot because of its location, climatic conditions, architecture, food, history and so much more. It is no wonder a big business such as Galp opts to be established there.

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